GiGi The Astrologer & Life Alignment Coach

Astrology & Life Alignment Coach

Gigi, owner of I AM Living Aligned combines the aspects of Intuitive Astrology (focus on emotional moon astrology), Life Activation Coaching, and Waist Bead education.

She provides education through online classes, social events and retreats with access to alignment tools healing practices, crystal and sound therapy, feminine and masculine balance techniques, and emotional healing education.

Her motto: We provide support for you to discover yourself and stay “Aligned” to your earth’s purpose.

2:50pm - 3:20pm

Saturday 13 August, 2022

Command Your Business Energy Using Astrology

Your business has a birthday and energy aspects just like you. Here are 3 ways to unlock the vibration of your business by:

  • Discovering the natal chart of your business/launch date
  • Understanding the language and purpose of your business based on the chart
  • Perceiving ways to reset, realign & relaunch your date to align with your purpose